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Platinum Golf Membership

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One of Country Club of Boyne's core values is family, and we want yours to become a part of ours for generations to come! 

Join as a Platinum Golf Member at Country Club of Boyne and your immediate family including parents, children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to join as well at a fraction of the cost! 

We will waive the application fee for each of your family members who want to join, that's a savings of $7,500 per family member! 
*Annual dues apply for all members.

Member benefits are the same for all categories of membership below. There are no minimums or assessments. Members are responsible for paying annual dues each year. Children 18 and under are included on your membership. Children 19-26 are an additional annual fee.

Annual Dues Categories

  • Couple: Includes both spouses, both spouses are active golfers
  • Individual Couple: Includes both spouses, only one spouse is an active golfer
  • Single: Single member, not married, no partner and one active golfer
  • Heritage: Applies to any member 80 years of age and older
  • Dual Member: Member has joined and paid the application fee at both CCB and BHGC

If you are under the age of 45, additional savings are applicable to your dues. Contact our Director of Membership for current pricing.

Optional Additions to Membership

  • Annual Cart Plan Available

Under 45 Benefits

Special financing and discounted annual dues for ages 27-44. All membership benefits and amenities apply.
Ages 27-39: Finance your application fee over 5 years at 0% interest and receive 50% off your annual dues.
Ages 40-44: Finance your application fee over 2 years at 0% interest and receive 20% off your annual dues.

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